2 thoughts on “Man of Steel? Meet Dog of Fat.

    • Well Charlie, thanks for asking. It’s quite simple really, between the 9th and 10th panels, Bailey lost her grip on the bus momentarily. This is, of course, indicated by the stress lines so prevalent in the 10th frame (only the most observant and astute of my readers could catch this, so don’t be too hard on yourself). This loss of grip resulted in the tipping of the bus onto it’s left side, and the subsequent shifting of Bailey’s body approximately 90 degrees to her left. Hence, when we see the exaggerated eye movement of the 11th frame, it is at a point when Bailey’s body is fully turned away from the sausage cart, with the result that at that point, either eye would be acceptable. Thank you for the attempt at keeping me honest Mr. Barker, but rest assured that there are detailed graphs, charts, and scale models being created prior to the publishing of every new Bailey comic, so as to ensure no physical paradoxes of any sort creeping in and tainting an artistic masterpiece which prides itself on perfection.

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